Watch these examples of projects of other Spanish students. Today you will create your own restaurant menu!

Open this document and print a copy. Use this form to fill in the foods that you find for your restaurant. This form includes your guidelines and a rubric.

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Objective: Using vocabulary from chapter 6 of your textbook, as well as any additional vocabulary that you find in your research, create a menu for a restaurant in Spanish.

1. Choose a Spanish speaking country for your restaurant.
2. Choose a name for your restaurant.
3. For each category listed below, include 1 authentic dish from the country you have chosen. Make sure to include at least:

a. 3 breakfast dishes
b. 3 lunch dishes
c. 3 appetizers
d. 3 dinner dishes
e. 3 desserts
f. 3 drinks

4. Give each platter a realistic price in the currency of the country you have chosen.

5. Make sure you include:
a. a cover design for your menu
b. the name of the restaurant
c. illustrations of at least 4 items featured on the menu

RUBRIC (attach this rubric to your menu before handing in)

INCLUDE INSIDE THE MENU (10 points each):

_ (1) A section for “appetizers” (Los entremeses) listing at least 3 with prices.

_ (2) A section for “BREAKFAST” (El desayuno) listing at least 3 breakfast foods with prices.

_(3) A section for “LUNCH” (El almuerzo) listing at least 3 lunch items and/or sides list with prices.

_(4) A section for “DINNER” (La cena) listing at least 3 dinner items with prices.

Under “La cena” consider including "La especialidad de la casa" (the house special) or "El plato del dia" (The plate of the day). List the key ingredients in the dish.

_ (5) A section for "DRINKS" (Las bebidas) listing at least three drinks with prices.

_ (6) A section for “DESSERTS” (Los postres) listing at least 3 desserts from your vocabulary list with prices.

_ (7) At least 4 small pictures or clipart representing food items or that have to do with your restaurant.

INCLUDE (10 points):

_(a) The name of your restaurant and the country in which your restaurant is located.
_(b) One of these expressions <<¡Buen provecho!>> (or) <<¡Gracias por su visita!>>
_(c) At least one authentic dish from your country.

QUALITY (20 points):

_ (a) Colorful and neat.
_ (b) Spelling.


Resources, reviews, & sample menus by country:
Costa Rica
  • A restaurant menu for Paraiso del Cocodrilo. Click on the Spanish flag to read the site in Spanish, the British Flag to read it in English.
  • A restaurant menu for Havana, A Cuban restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Puerto Rico
  • How to Dine in Puerto Rico
  • A restaurant menu from El Jibarito in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can toggle the web site between English and Spanish by using the vertical menu.
  • Café Manolín - A restaurant in Old San Juan that is open for breakfast (Menu 1) and lunch (Menu 2).

**Food LIST in Spanish (vocabulary)**

In addition to your vocabulary, here is some extra vocabulary that you might like to use:

Los panqueques—pancakes

Las quesadillas—quesadillas

Los tacos—tacos

La mantequilla—butter

La mermelada—jam

El cerdo—pork

El pavo—turkey

la manteca de cacahuete—peanut butter

Las galletas - cookies